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Eggs, Eggs and more Eggs

Introduction: Here is where you can learn about the different species of creatures in creaturebreeder. It will also tell what eggs they come from.

Every account you start on creaturebreeder will always give you a fuzcub egg. If you want different eggs then you will have to buy them from the store. Even though it shows a picture of a fuzcub egg, it does gives other kinds.

Creature Inspector:

Introduction: Here is where I will teach you about the Creature Inspector. It is located on the left and side of the screen.

Creature Inspector includes the Name, Sex (Gender), Age, Life Stage (Egg, Adult, ect.), Health, Last Fed, and Price. It also have a 'Look Closer' button that you can press. It will send you to a whole page about that creature and while there you can change some of your creatures options.

Name: This is the name of your creature. You can change the name by clicking the 'Look Closer' button and using the options there.

Sex (Gender): This is the gender of your creature. They will not have a gender until they are hatched from their egg. If you want to know ahead of time then you will need to buy an 'Ultrasound Machine'.

Age: This is the age of your creature. This is expressed in months, days, and hours since the second the creature was laid as an egg.

Life Stage: Your creature has many different life stages. 0-1 days old it is 'In Egg', 1-4 days old it is an 'Adolescent', 5-19 days old it is an 'Adult', and 20 days and over is 'Old Age'. Never fear, creatures here don't die.

Health: The health of your creature determines if you can breed it or not. Heath is based on how much you breed your creature and how often you feed it. If you don't feed your creature then its health will go down and it might start to turn ill. When a creature is ill it starts to change color, it can turn blue or green depending on what creature is ill. If you breed your creature it will also lose health. Once you breed your creature loses 25% health and cannot breed again for about 25 hours.

If you forget to feed your creature for a few days and then feed it when you come back, its health will rapidly go up. But if it just bred then it will not gain health that quickly and it will take about a day or two to get it back up.

Last Fed: This is the last time your creature has been fed. It will be expressed in seconds, minutes, days, ect. Eggs will not have this since they do not need to be fed until they have hatched.

Price: You can put a price on your creatures if you are planning to sell them. You can change the price of the creature by clicking the 'Look Closer' button. If you have a price on a creature and then breed it then the egg will have the same price. You can always change the price though even if the egg is born with it.


Introduction: Before breeding your creatures you should know that you can only breed once about every 25 hours and your creature loses 25% health. You can breed them with other peoples creatures. Both users creatures will lose 25% health and both accounts will receive one egg. When the eggs hatch the creature inside might not be the same as the other accounts creature.

Getting Two Creatures to Breed: There are different ways to get creatures to breed. The first way is getting two creatures to breed inside you account. All you have to do is click on one creature, and then click its 'Look Closer' button. Once that is done look to the right underneath the creature until you see a gray box that says 'Breed..', it will be under 'Actions'

Click 'Breed..' and it will take you to a new section where you can choose which creature you want to breed with. Just go to the right and click the drop down arrow to choose which creature you want to breed with.

After you choose which creature you want to breed with you can look over its stats, or otherwise know as its 'Creature Inspector'. When you are done you can click the 'Breed' button in the center of the heart.

The second way of breeding is breeding with someone else's creature. Just go to their farms and find the creatures you want to breed with. Again click the 'Look Closer' button. Now this time instead of having a gray button that reads 'Breed..' it will say 'Propose Breeding..'.

Now you will choose a creature of yours to breed with the other persons. Again you will have to click the drop down arrow to pick from. After you pick the bear you like you will have to click the 'Make Proposal' button in the center of the heart.

Now instead of getting an instant egg you will have to wait for the other person to accept your proposal, or reject it.

Genetics: If you have been in school long enough, you might know a bit about genetics. For those that don't; it is a trait that is passed down from the parent to the offspring. The same goes for these creatures in Creaturebreeder.

For a simple example: If you have two white fuzcubs (albino) breed then the chances of getting an albino offspring are higher than if you had two normal fuzcubs breed. While the chances of receiving an albino offspring are lower, it is still possible.

It would be too much to go into great detail about genetics for a newbie guide, so if you want to know more you will have to look it up in the forums.

Receiving the Egg: After your creatures breed there will be a message in the 'System Messages'. It will say that "_____ has bred with _____. Check _____ for an egg!" Just click that link and it will take you straight to where your egg is. You can move the egg around the farm and you can also move it to another farm.

Newbie Guide

Starting Your Farm:

Introduction: Here I will teach you what to do while waiting for your first egg to hatch. I will add so key tips that I highly recommend you follow to start off your farm right. I will also teach you how to add items to your farm.

If you have just started then you should have a farm with one egg and 100 Farm Bucks (FBs). The egg will take about thirty hours to hatch so you have a lot of time to get your farm ready for it.

Step One: It is time to go shopping! Click on the 'Store' button at the top of the screen.

You will need to go to 'Essentials'.

Step Two: You will need to buy a 'Food Barrel' or a 'Food Crate' so that you can feed your creature once it hatches.

Step Three: If you want to start making money right away then I suggest that you buy your self a total of ten 'Bonsai Trees' or 'Red Maple Trees'. You can have a combination of both but make sure that the total number at the end is ten. Not, ten 'Red Maple Trees' and ten 'Bonsai Trees' giving you a total of twenty. You could have five 'Red Maple Trees' and five 'Bonsai Trees' though.

Step Four: You will need to go to the 'Manage Farm' option located at the top of the screen

Now you will need to create nine more farms so that you can move the trees into each farm. Go to the the bottom of the page and in the 'Actions' click 'New Farm...'. Now you can name your new farms anything you like and keep in mind you can always change the name later.

Step Five: It is time to move your trees and food item into your farms. Just click name of the item and drag it to the farm you want it in. I would put the food item in the farm with your egg and then one tree should go in each farm. Don't buy more trees thinking you can put multiple money trees in your farm because you can't, sadly.

Step Six: Now it is time to have a little fun! You can go around your farms and move your items around wherever you want. Sure you don't have much to work with now but you will once your money trees start producing orbs.

You are now set! You are now ready for when your egg hatches. Right now there is not much to do but check out the out the 'Free' section in the forums and find yourself some free creatures to help start the beginning of your farm. Have fun!


There are many Frequently asked questions on creature breeder:-

Why can't I put more than one berry tree on my farm?
When you put a berry tree on your farm, it lets you stop feeding your pets for about 20 days. It nourishes them every second. If you had two berry trees, it'd just waste one. Once a berry tree is empty, go to Manage Farms and drag it to the sell bin. You will get half your money back, and then be able to put another berry tree in that farm.

What's good is the water bucket?
The water bucket looks good on your farm, and provides water for your pets. No, we do not see them drink from it, and it doesn't seem to help their health levels in any way. It just looks good.

What is the Wild and how do I access it?
The Wild is a place where you release old creatures in to. Since creatures can't die, you can choose to leave them on your farm or release them. The Wild is also a place where you can gain FBs, which are coins on theground that you walk up to to get, or occasionally a rare Twilight Vine, a pretty yellow plant found only in the Wild. You can access The Wild by clicking one of your pets, looking to the left, and clicking View More Details. Then, scroll down to where it says visit The Wild. NOTE: This won't work until after your egg hatches, because eggs can't walk!

When will my eggs hatch?
Nobody knows the time for sure, but Fuzzcub eggs will hatch in about 30 hours, Scuttlebugs a little under, Beaklings, Turtletots and Brumblebears a little over 30 hours. A crack will appear a couple hours before the creature emerges from it's egg.

What is the maximum number of creatures in a farm?
The maximum you can have is 10 per farm. You can have 10 farms per account, so all in all, that makes 100 pets per account.

What are the rarest colors for each creature?
It all depends on how you look at it. In my opinion, no colors are rarer than another. In the other view, colors that aren't usually seen are the rarest.

My creature just turned Old Age, how come it can't breed?
Old creatures are not able to breed because of the period of time in their adulthood. The creatures can only breed from 5 to about 20 days.

Is inbreeding bad for your creatures?
No. Creatures can breed freely with any relative. This is used for obtaining similar traits in the offspring. Some people find this gross, but that is their opinion.

My creature is ill what do I do?
Don't breed the creature and if you don't have a berry tree to feed your creature feed it by hand every couple of hours. It should get better in a day or two. Each breeding drops the health of your pet to 75%, then it can't breed again for 18 hours (or so). Go to the store and buy either a food barrel or crate.

If I only have one creature but made proposal to breed with someone else do we both get an egg?
Assuming the other user accepts then yes you both get an egg.

Is it possible to block someone from commenting on my farms?
Yes, go to your settings then on the 4th section down you will see that you can block a specific person or on the 5th you could block all users from commenting your farm.

How do I bookmark?
Next to the drop down list where you can pick what farm you want to view there is a little star. Its to the right of the list. If you click it you have added that member to your favorites.

Will my creature at one point die?
No, your creature will never die. But if you don't feed the creature it will become ill.

How many accounts can you have?
There is no maximum number of farm accounts. However, you are NEVER allowed to open more than one forum account.

What is the ultrasound machine and how do I use it?
The ultrasound machine is a device that will tell you if your egg is a boy or girl. To use it you drag the egg to the middle of the machine. Then if you wait a minute, a heart will show up on the machine, pink heart is a girl, blue heart is a boy.

What is a cryo-pod and how do I use it?
A cryo-pod is a device that freezes your eggs. To use it you drag the egg that you want to freeze to the middle of the machine. The window will then reload and the egg will be inside of the machine. Click the red button to withdraw the egg. Please note you can only freeze three eggs per cryo-pod.

What is the different with a red maple tree and a Bonsai tree?
Nothing, they both gather the same amount of money for you.

How do you get more farm bucks?
You will need to have either a bonsai tree or maple tree. These items can be found in the store and cost 5fb. You need to choose one of them once you have bought them, you need to go to your inventory and place the item on your farm. To do so you go to your manage farm page from there you scroll down until you see Unused Accessories. In there you will be able to drag the tree to the farm you want it on. You will be able to collect your fb's daily. You get around 240fb daily. If you already have either the Bonsai tree or the Maple tree, you can also sell your creatures, if you have enough. Its really up to you how much you want to sell your creatures for most people sell there's for 5fb's some a little less and some a little more. 240fb's x 7 days or one week, is around 1680. If you do the math. Also remember you can only have 1 tree per farm, and the limit of farms per account is 10.

How I do I pick items up in the wild? To pick items up in the wild, you walk over them, the only items you can pick up are the twilight vine and coins. These items are both very rare, meaning they are usually not found. When they are there though, they are in plain sight.

What's the max number of creatures you can release into the wild?
There is no set limit you may release as many as you want, the wild is infinite.

How do you feed your creatures? Click on top of the barrel and drag the food to the ground the creatures should scurry over to it. If you can afford a berry tree you won't have to worry about feeding your creatures for at least 18 days.

What happens when you pet is sick or ill and you try to breed them? does something happen to the egg? Nothing happens to the egg. You can only breed it once, then you will have to wait 18 hours before you can breed it again. If you breed your creature its best to let it rest a couple days its health will return to normal. If your pet is ill from not eating, feed it and the health will return to normal immediately.

Will the new young Yucca plants stay small or grow?If they do grow how long does it take? No the small Yucca plants will not grow, they will stay small forever.

How small is the smallest and how large is the largest creature?
There are some fuzz cubs, turtle tots, and scuttle bugs that be pretty small. The largest is the brumble bear, some fuzz cubs, turtle tots, and scuttle bugs, can be large.

My creature is adolescent, why can't I breed it?
Creatures must be at least 5 days old, unless never fed, and then they will go straight to Old Age.

How do you make the character signs found on some post and on some farms? Character map, its a windows program. You should be able to find it under Start Menu>Programs>Accessories. The smiley face, triangle and so on are made by pressing and holding down the alt key.
Then going over to the number pad and pressing a number.
Hold it down, then let them go at the same time.
alt+3 will give you a heart and so on.

What does it mean if your egg has a crack in it?
Whenever you see a crack in your egg, that means you will soon have a new baby creature on your farm(s).

Can you send farm bucks to other users, if so how?
No, unfortunately you can not send farm bucks to other users, but you can however buy a creature from a user that is the only known way of sending farm bucks to the other users.

How do I add a link to my farm, at my forum post?
To do this, go to your farm, click on your farm's address in your browser's address bar (this should highlight it). Now right click on the highlighted address, and click COPY. When you create your post, just right click where you want the address to go, and click PASTE. Make sure there is a space before and after the address, and be sure you add the www. so it doesn't take us to the login page when we try to go to your farm.

Would the young pine tree from the store grow bigger and bigger? or would it stay the same size?
Unfortunately the young pine tree's from the store will never grow, they will remain the same forever. You may however purchase the adult pine tree's which are also found in the landscaping page of the store. This also goes for some of the other plants also found in the store. Such as the small ferns and the large ferns.

Why can't I pick up the farm buck coins up in the wild or the Twilight vine up in the wild?

Most likely the reason for any user who is unable to pick up either the farm buck coins or the twilight vine is because its some kind of problem within the game. As soon as the creators have time, the problem will eventually be fixed.

How do I delete my farm or my account?
To delete your farm you need to go onto your manage farm page. Whatever farm it may be there should be an option next to the farm name that allows you to delete your farm. Users however can not delete there accounts they need to ask a mod to delete it for them. You must be sure you want a mod to delete your account because there is no turning back once its deleted.

Are we able to edit or delete the diary entries in any way?
Unfortunately you will not be able to edit or delete them, once you have added something to the creatures diary its in there forever.

How do you put things that are in the unused box into your farm?
Click and drag the item to your farm.

Can two different creature breed together for example such as a turtle tot and a fuzzcub?
No unfortunately, it is impossible to breed between species.

Is it possible to get a different-colored pet instead of having the same coat as the parents? (ex: Brown parents getting a yellow baby?)
Technically yes you can get different colored babies from same colored parents, depending on what the genotype is.

How come when I pick something up in the wild it doesn't show in my manage farms, or fb count?
The reason, why no one has been able to find what they picked up in the wild in manage farms page and fb count, is because there is a glitch going on that is preventing users from collecting there twilight vines and the coins.

Is it possible to see an egg hatch? Unfortunately it is not possible, but if you wait and come back later, you will find a baby creature on your farm.

Can the stone path be moved around in a vertical position rather than just a horizontal position? As far as we know it can not be moved in a vertical position, we do believe it only goes horizontal. But you can move it left or right or up and down.

I just hatched an unusual looking pet, is it a sub breed?
Sub breeds are a SPECIFIC breed of pet with a complete family history of pets that all match and share the same DNA. No random pet, no matter how rare, is part of a sub breed. Also, pets that look like a sub breed, are NOT part of the sub breed UNLESS it has the family history and DNA of the sub breed. If it doesn't, it is only a 'sub breed look-a-like' not a sub breed pet.

What exactly is a sub-breed?
A sub breed, basically is a creature bred by a user that has a distinct color, shell, appearance. Please note that there must be a whole farm full of creatures with the same color or marking in order to classify it as a sub breed. But first, to make a sub breed you will need to find two creatures with the same characteristic. Such as if you are going to breed two turtle tots together and you want a sub breed from them, you will need to make sure the turtles have some kind of pattern that is the same. Most users have sub breeds that are all related meaning incest was used, and before you put it down think it about it. It is a game not real life and for most users its how they have kept there breeds alive.